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Optimized-Bray Harbour Boats.jpg

Bray Harbour -  with majestic clouds overhead - this photo shows the old Bray boxing club were Katie Taylor trained.


Town Hall - Snow covered road's showing of the beautiful Town Hall minus the McDonalds sign.

Optimized-Bray Prom in Snow-x 2.jpg

Walkers on Prom - With the unpainted kiosks & Dawson's Amusements in the distance, walkers enjoy  a walk in the snow.

Optimized-old style deck chairs.jpg

Deck Chairs - As part of a film prop for the TV series the Ice - Cream Girls , Deck chairs were placed on Bray Seafront.


A postcard style image of Bray seafront taken during the 2013 heatwave.


The Seafront - Brayhead shrinks under the heavy clouds above, as dogs are walked, children play and a gentleman listens to music on his headphones.

Optimized-BRAY ART PHOTO-2.jpg ( LOWRES

Busy Harbour - A  Colourful Photo with an Art effect - showing people enjoying a walk as the Sailboat comes home to Bray Harbour.

Railings Brayhead Snow x 3.jpg

Prom Rails - This photo was one of many used by Purple House Bray some years back for their popular Christmas cards.

Optimized-KIOSK Seafront Bray - Art Effe

Tourists - a large queue forms outside the candy stripped kiosks as baby's cry and children smile gleefully and patiently for their bouncy ball, candy floss or Ice Cream.


The Regatta in Bray historically is always a great day and this was no different on a very rainy day on Bray Seafront.

Optimized-The Dart from Greystones.jpg

Last Dart - The iconic Dart in the Snow on the Bray - Greystones Cliffwalk from 2013.

Optimized-Finbees 13.jpg

The Funfair on the Seafront with beautiful flowers from the old Finnbees Coffee Shop facing Harbour.


A Dog walker on the seafront Bray.

Optimized-Church Road Bray Snow colour.j

A curve of red balls fade into the distance as a walker enjoys her morning stroll. 

The Church Road Bray - one of a collection of snow shots used for Purple house Christmas Cards.

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