A Lady walks her dog in the snow at the peoples park dargle road Bray

Optimized-Ferris Wheel Bray BlackandWhit

As the Rail gates lift a businessman walks through to catch an early morning Dart to the City.

Optimized-Clouds Bray Seafront 5.jpg

A horse shoe cloud formation moves slowly over Brayhead..

Optimized-One Umbrella.jpg

Another rainy day as a couple share an umbrella on a quieter than normal prom.

Dog Walker Bray Seafront.jpg

Dawsons Amusements and the Brayhead Hotel in the distance as a Dog walker braves the elements.

Optimized-Bandstand Snow x 2.jpg

Snow covered seafront & Bandstand as seen on Purple House Christmas Cards

Optimized-Dog Walkers.jpg
Optimized-DARGLE CLOUDS.jpg

Dogs walkers in the sun, with one escaped dog taken circa 2014

Optimized-Funfair Bray Grandad and Grand

A Grandfather & Grandson enjoy a tender moment at the Funfair on the Seafront

Optimized-Harbour Bar.jpg

A moped parked outside the old Harbour Bar when it was owned by the O'Toole Family

Optimized-Umbrella on Prom-001.jpg

Dark clouds above as one lady under her umbrella walks the prom, this was used in the Martello Bray

Optimized-Wall Clifwalk.jpg

Snow covered winding cliff walk from 2013 with jfoot prints in the snow