Bray Harbour -  with majestic clouds overhead - this photo shows the old Bray boxing club were Katie Taylor trained.

Deck Chairs - As part of a film prop for the TV series the Ice - Cream Girls , Deck chairs were placed on Bray Seafront.

Busy Harbour - A  Colourful Photo with an Art effect - showing people enjoying a walk as the Sailboat comes home to Bray Harbour.

The Regatta in Bray historically is always a great day and this was no different on a very rainy day on Bray Seafront.

Town Hall - Snow covered road's showing of the beautiful Town Hall minus the McDonalds sign.

A postcard style image of Bray seafront taken during the 2013 heatwave.

Prom Rails - This photo was one of many used by Purple House Bray some years back for their popular Christmas cards.

Walkers on Prom - With the unpainted kiosks & Dawson's Amusements in the distance, walkers enjoy  a walk in the snow.

The Seafront - Brayhead shrinks under the heavy clouds above, as dogs are walked, children play and a gentleman listens to music on his headphones.

Tourists - a large queue forms outside the candy stripped kiosks as baby's cry and children smile gleefully and patiently for their bouncy ball, candy floss or Ice Cream.

Last Dart - The iconic Dart in the Snow on the Bray - Greystones Cliffwalk from 2013.

The Funfair on the Seafront with beautiful flowers from the old Finnbees Coffee Shop facing Harbour.

A Dog walker on the seafront Bray.

A curve of red balls fade into the distance as a walker enjoys her morning stroll. 

The Church Road Bray - one of a collection of snow shots used for Purple house Christmas Cards.