Art Photo Feature Collective

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

The Art Photo Feature Collective was born on 14th Feb 2015 I was asked in early 2013 to become part of this select Group of Modern Day Street Photographers from every corner of the World and I was very honoured to join and look forward to the challenges ahead.

An entity of Artphotofeature Magazine, The APF Collective features the work of 25 talented photographers from around the globe. While a large and diverse group, Collective members share a common passion and vision. More than a place to showcase our work, members will participate in group projects designed to be challenging to the photographers and hopefully enlightening to viewers. We cross boundaries, both geographically and culturally, and will strive to provide a collective, balanced storytelling vision of the world we live in. Each year the founding members will select one new member to join The Collective from a select pool of nominated artists. From the beginning, one of the goals of APF co-founders Vineet and Rohit Vohra, has been to provide a platform for emerging photographers to showcase their work. The Collective is an extension of that. There is a strong education imperative at APF. With The Collective we aspire to begin a one-to-one mentorship program as well as provide workshops for promising emerging photographers. Look for future APF Collective exhibitions and publications, with proceeds going to build more opportunities for young photographers.


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