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Top 25 Street Photos in Black & White of 2017 ( Baby Driver )

Different Styles of Black & White Photography

As you can see in the following selection of my favorite Black&White Street Photos, in monochrome there are very distinct styles possible. Although I have to admit that I prefer harsh contrasts and they probably are the majority of the Black&White Street Photos displayed in this gallery, you can also play around with a more gentle approach.

Black&White always has this classic look, but can also transfer into the modern time. The most important is the light, and therefore mostly the sun.

Without any interesting lightning, most Black&White Street Photos seem rather uninteresting, even though the scene and subject might be outstanding.

To add more of this classic film look you can also play around with grain. Especially during the darker hours, you are able to create an almost “film noir” style, with most of the scene hidden in the dark.

Character of Black & White Street Photos

Black & White seems to put more emphasis on the emotion and atmosphere of the scene. Color can sometimes a bit distracting, especially when not done right or when in an area where a lot of colors clash.

Therefore in a lot of the pictures that I selected, there is only one subject in the entire environment filled with negative space. For me this lets my mind flow and I can only dream about what really is happening in the picture.


Des Byrne is an Irish born Photographer founder of the Irish Street Photography Group and former Admin black and White Street & former collective member APF. Des was part of the multi – Award winning Insight Photography Project for the Homeless in Dublin and Curator of three National & International Street Photography Exhibitions todate in Dublin.

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