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Updated: May 29, 2022

The Official opening of the long awaited Art of Street Photography Exhibition opened in the Ballroom of the Powerscourt centre in the heart of Dublin City Ireland on Friday 1st June 2018 with up to one hundred people in attendance, this is the largest Street Photography Exhibition ever held in Ireland with over sixty images on display from well know household names in the world of photography to photographers exhibiting for the first time.

The Exhibition is sponsored by Birmingham Cameras Dublin who celebrate 50 years in Business this year and Panasonic Lumix UK.

This is the fourth exhibition to-date and the idea is to introduce Irish photographers to the genre of street photography and show them great work from other street photographers from around the world approx 50% of the photographers exhibiting are Irish or Irish based Street Photographers with the balance coming from Sweden - Israel - Italy - Japan - America - Spain - UK - and every other corner of the world, if you love Street Photography or Photography in general you will love this Exhibition.

The Exhibition will run until 16th June with late opening on Thursday nights till 8pm.

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